Integrated reporting, the new ally of sustainable development by Delphine Gibassier

Integrated reporting, an innovative communication tool, enables companies to highlight all of the value that they create, including non-financial value. This is a windfall for organisations which have chosen to integrate sustainable development in their practices.


Innovation caution as a strategic advantage by Victor Dossantos Paulino

Innovation is one of the major themes in management. The capacity to innovate is considered to be critical for businesses to succeed. However, if we look at the space industry, we can see that innovation should be bridled with caution if a strategy is to succeed.


Business 2.0: Technology is great but a Knowledge Sharing Culture is even better by Kevin Carillo

The rapid development of collaborative communication technology as an alternative to e-mails provides companies with a possibility of fundamental transformation but will require supporting measures to usher in a genuine culture of knowledge sharing.

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