What if inspiration didn’t exist? New ideas would never see the light of day, companies would always be managed in the same way and business and social models would never be called into question…

TBS, where inspiration is a mission

Every generation brings new ideas, has new goals and harbors new ambitions.

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TBS Education belongs to the select circle of business schools with the triple AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS accreditation. Today, and now more than ever, we stay true to our mission to inspire students, help them detect and select inspiring ideas, make their projects come to fruition and support free-thinkers on their way to success.

Inspiring academics, inspired students

TBS has been a driving force of innovation since 1903. You will meet inspiring researchers and mentors to guide you on your way to sustainable innovation with high added value. All our programs are designed to give you a solid theoretical basis using the latest teaching methods to make sure you truly master the academics. You’ll also get an overview of the latest research, new groundbreaking projects as well as crucial hands-on experience for extra inspiration.

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Your path to inspiration

We know that inspiration comes in many shapes. Whether your preferred field of action is management, innovation, finance, big data, marketing, international and local business, CSR, arts, sports,… our high-quality programs, researchers and professors help you discover new paths to achieve your personal goals. Not sure what they are? Our Career starter service helps you narrow them down so you can find your true field of expertise.

Be inspired, disrupt, be brave and inspire in return.

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