Dear students and alumni, dear parents, dear colleagues,

A few months ago, we were stunned by the assassinations perpetrated against cartoonists and members of the management of a satirical weekly publication, as well as police officers. France had “become Charlie” and united in the belief of values of respect for human life and freedom of speech and spirit. The taking of hostages in the kosher supermarket that followed soon afterwards further strengthened our awareness of the defense of these values.
Sadly, last Friday evening, the news came of horror once again. This time the killers struck indiscriminately, killing many people, of all ages, sexes, religions and nationalities. Beyond any detailed analysis, the obvious is clear: it is barbarism, it is cowardice, it is abhorrent and it serves no God.

This fight is without doubt far from over and I would like to reiterate, with the utmost determination, that we will continue in good conscience, armed with our pens, our books and our computers, to defend thanks to you and with you, the freedom of thought and respect for human rights, whilst doing our job to the highest standard. Indeed, we have the most absolute conviction that it is in the opening of peoples’ minds that they may become free, and that it is through education, the arts and culture that we can best combat the violence of barbarous murderers.

Regarding practical consequences, “vigipirate” status is of course still deployed on our sites and over the coming weeks we will be introducing stronger access restrictions to our buildings. This will be laborious, and I therefore ask you to accept these constraints which will be in order to assure the safety of each and every one of you.

In addition, I would also like to ask each of you to maximise your vigilance, and that any suspicious behaviour on – or close to – any of our sites, is reported immediately to our security services. United in thought for the family of one of our graduates, who was seriously injured in the Bataclan theatre, and with all the victims of these attacks and their families.

With my very best wishes to you all at this time,”

François Bonvalet, dean of TBS

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