Prof. Victor Sit
Prof. Victor Sit,

Member of the Supervisory Board of Toulouse Blagnac Airport
Advisor of China Aircraft Leasing Limited,
Senior advisor of China Airport Synergy Investment Limited
Christopher Buckley
Christopher Buckley

Airbus Executive Vice President,
Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific

are pleased to invite you on 19th December from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in the Main Amphitheater of Toulouse Business School, 20 Boulevard Lascrosses, 31000 Toulouse to introduce the importance of Aviation in the Future Globalized World Chinese & Airbus perspectives.

The conference will shed the light on the “Belt-Road initiative”-the new globalization drive of China, and point out its major purposes in terms of countries covered, targeted economic sectors and the means to be used to achieve them. The keys to all these lie with physical and metaphysical connectivity between nations. Of the major means of physical connectivity, civil aviation will play an important role. The talk will then focus on the Chinese vision in developing an Aviation Silk Road and how this will impact on the aviation industry and airport development worldwide. The conference will highlight from an OEM perspective how the globalization is already impacting the aviation world. Beyond the current trends that are reshaping the industry and the whole supply chain, this allocution will provide insights regarding the Chinese market and the “Belt-Road Initiative”.

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before 8th of December 2017

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