Let’s talk about expectancy theory

Did you expect that?

Thus starts our humorous educational video about Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory of Motivation, an important but sometimes poorly understood topic in organizational behavior courses.

Alternative version : Without music

Educators can also order for free a 12-page teaching note about the video from https://tbs.bs/obeid.

Learner’s eye tracking

Here is a version of the video where you can see how a learner’s eye tracks the images

The roots of the video

The roots of the video go back to TBS Education inviting the comedian Sammy Obeid (known as the host of “100 Humans” on Netflix) to participate in its Inspiring Guest program.  

On 9 August 2020 Sammy Obeid and TBS professor David Stolin gave an online workshop at the Academy of Management annual meeting. In it, they asked participants to propose to us a topic that their students struggle with, committing to record a humorous video about it three days later.

The workshop received the prize for the best session of the Teaching and Learning Conference.

You can watch a subtitled recording of the workshop here.

Aom Best Session

You can watch a video about the creative process here. 

More videos and resources

To request free instructor resources for this video and to find information about other humorous educational videos recorded at TBS Education, please visit https://tbs.bs/obeid