Navigating the dynamic and intricate realm of contemporary business calls for a distinctive set of skills. These abilities should not only provide a robust foundation but also confer adaptability, allowing individuals to not just withstand but thrive amidst uncertainty.


At the core of this set of capabilities lies the TBS Education Bachelor in Management (BiM) program. This course is purposefully designed to instill in students five essential skills that are critical for achieving success in the current corporate world.


1. Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making

One of the foundational skills the TBS Education Bachelor in Management (BiM) program cultivates is strategic thinking and decision-making.
It’s not just about understanding the ins and outs of a company, but about
mastering the art of assessing multifaceted business scenarios. This program enables students to delve into the heart of complex situations, unraveling the different layers to fully comprehend their implications and potential trajectories.


Using a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, the curriculum teaches students to interpret market trends, evaluate competitive forces, and consider the broader macroeconomic landscape.
The course modules incorporate tools such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and the Boston Consulting Group matrix, among others. These tools foster an environment of critical and analytical thinking, driving students to forecast the potential impacts of their decisions, aligning them with their strategic objectives.


The skills students gain here are not isolated to specific industries or roles. They become adept at thinking holistically, seeing the bigger picture, and making decisions that drive long-term value and sustainable growth, whether it’s in finance, marketing, operations, or any other business domain. This approach ensures that upon graduation, students are well-prepared to take on leadership roles and make significant contributions in a range of settings.


2. Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership transcends mere authority – it involves inspiring others and fostering teamwork. The TBS Education Bachelor in Management (BiM) curriculum accentuates this principle, transforming students into leaders who can efficiently steer teams and foster organizational success.


Through collaborative projects and leadership workshops, you will hone your skills in motivating peers, delegating tasks effectively, and handling team dynamics. These competencies distinguish you in the competitive corporate domain.


3. Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking

The modern business environment is one of constant change and adaptation, where a static approach can often lead to stagnation. Therefore, the ability to innovate and think entrepreneurially is not just an advantage, it is a vital necessity.
TBS Education Bachelor in Management (BiM) fully recognizes this, placing a significant emphasis on fostering a mindset of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students.


Students are encouraged to think outside the box and view existing problems from fresh, creative perspectives. The curriculum introduces them to real-world scenarios where they learn to identify potential gaps in the market or inefficiencies in processes. Guided by faculty with extensive business and entrepreneurial backgrounds, students explore how novel solutions can be developed to address these issues.


Furthermore, practical entrepreneurial thinking is developed through hands-on exercises and projects. This includes creating and developing business plans for innovative products or services, building prototypes, and even conducting market testing. Students learn how to pivot their ideas based on feedback, reinforcing the concept of iteration and resilience, critical aspects of entrepreneurship.


4. Financial Acumen

Financial acumen – an understanding of finance that extends beyond just the basics – is a crucial skill for any business leader, and it’s a key area of focus in the TBS Education Bachelor in Management program (BiM). The program ensures students develop an in-depth understanding of financial principles, analytics, and their practical application within various business contexts.


From the initial stages of the program, students are introduced to fundamental financial concepts such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow analyses. They are taught to interpret and analyze these financial statements, gaining the ability to assess a company’s fiscal health and understand the implications of their management decisions.


To further deepen their financial understanding, students are taught advanced topics such as capital budgeting, risk management, and investment decision-making. These lessons involve real-world scenarios where students must apply their theoretical knowledge to solve complex financial problems. They are also exposed to financial modeling and forecasting, giving them a taste of strategic financial planning.

Moreover, the program goes beyond technical skills, teaching students the significance of financial reasoning in decision-making. They learn how to integrate financial information with other business considerations to make holistic and effective decisions, thus developing their financial intuition.


5. Global and Cultural Awareness

With increasing globalization, cultural awareness and understanding have become paramount for effective management. Leveraging its diverse student population and international exchange opportunities, the TBS Education Bachelor in Management (BiM) program creates an environment that augments your global and cultural comprehension. You will gain firsthand exposure to distinct cultures, business practices, and market dynamics, preparing you to maneuver and thrive in an international business environment.


To sum up, the TBS Education Bachelor in Management (BiM) transcends conventional confines of management education. It fosters a multitude of skills that enable students to lead, innovate, and create a significant impact in their chosen fields. The program’s all-encompassing approach to management education, integrating core business principles with vital soft skills, produces graduates who are proficient in business fundamentals as well as problem-solving, teamwork, and strategic thinking.


In conclusion, this Bachelor in Management program offers a comprehensive and well-rounded education that nurtures five critical skills: strategic thinking and decision-making, leadership and teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, financial acumen, and global and cultural awareness. These skills equip graduates to excel in the dynamic business world, paving the way for long-term success and making them indispensable assets in any organization.

Interested to know more about this program? Join us there!

Embarking on a path towards higher education is a significant decision, one that opens the door to a world of possibilities. Among the various routes to take, why consider a Bachelor’s degree in management? What are the career opportunities that this degree presents? And why should TBS Education be your institution of choice?

In this article, we take a closer look at the multitude of reasons to pursue a Bachelor in Management. We delve into the unique benefits of a business management degree, particularly highlighting its versatility in today’s dynamic business landscape. We will then navigate through the vast sea of career opportunities that await graduates, offering you a glimpse into the exciting professional paths you could take

Following this, we invite you to explore TBS Education’s own Bachelor in Management program, where we blend theoretical knowledge with practical experiences, all within a truly international environment. Lastly, we address some common questions and provide insights into this transformative educational journey.

So, whether you’re a prospective student contemplating your future or simply curious about the world of business education, we invite you to join us in exploring the unlimited career opportunities that a Bachelor’s degree in management offers. Let’s begin with the reasons why you might want to consider this degree.


A few reasons to pursue a bachelor in management

At TBS Education, we often ask our prospective students, “Why pursue a Bachelor’s degree in management?” The answer resides in the multitude of benefits that such a degree offers.

Firstly, a Bachelor in Management, particularly our Bachelor in Management (BiM) program, paves the way for a comprehensive understanding of how businesses operate. This program allows you to grasp the fundamental concepts of management, marketing, economics, and entrepreneurship, which are crucial in today’s competitive business world.

Secondly, our BiM program boasts a well-rounded curriculum that integrates theoretical learning with practical experiences. Whether it’s through case studies, internships, or collaborative projects, you get to apply what you learn directly in real-world situations. This gives you a competitive edge, as employers value graduates who can hit the ground running.

Thirdly, one cannot overlook the global perspective that a Bachelor’s degree in management offers. At TBS Education, our BiM program is enriched with international exposure, offering you the opportunity to study in different campuses across the globe. This not only broadens your cultural horizons but also prepares you for a career in the international business arena.

Finally, pursuing our BiM program opens up diverse career opportunities. With a robust foundation in business management, you are well-equipped to excel in a variety of roles across sectors – be it finance, consulting, human resources, or marketing.

Why seek a business management degree?

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, why should you, as a student, seek a degree in business management? Let us share some compelling reasons.

A business management degree empowers you with core business skills and knowledge. You learn about strategic planning, marketing, finance, human resources, and much more, creating a solid foundation for understanding the intricacies of the business world.

The versatility of a business management degree cannot be overstated. With a robust understanding of different business functions, you’re not confined to a single career path. Instead, you’re equipped to explore a wide range of sectors – from finance and consulting to non-profit and entrepreneurship.

A business management degree focuses on imparting practical skills. You’re encouraged to participate in case studies, internships, and group projects that simulate real-world business scenarios. These experiences foster critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills, which are in high demand in the modern workplace.

In an increasingly globalized world, a business management degree often provides international exposure. This helps you understand diverse business environments, cultural nuances, and global market dynamics, preparing you for a career on the international stage.

With a business management degree, the world truly is your oyster. From launching your own start-up to leading a multinational corporation, your career opportunities are boundless.

Pursuing a degree in business management is like being given the keys to a vast city of opportunities. It’s up to you to unlock the doors and explore what lies beyond. If you’re eager to take on challenges, eager to learn and grow, a business management degree could be your ticket to an exciting and fulfilling career.

The versatility of a business management degree

When considering a field of study, versatility is a key feature that can future-proof your career. So, let’s delve into the multifaceted advantages that a business management degree offers.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base: A business management degree provides a broad-based understanding of various business disciplines. From finance and human resources to marketing and strategic management, you’ll acquire a spectrum of knowledge that can be applied across different industries.

Transferable Skills: Beyond the knowledge base, a business management degree equips you with an array of transferable skills. Whether it’s leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, or communication, these competencies are highly valued by employers across sectors.

Wide Career Options: Thanks to the broad foundation and skill set acquired, graduates of business management are not confined to one career path. You could venture into marketing, take up roles in finance, dive into the world of consulting, lead HR initiatives, or even start your own enterprise. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are plentiful.

Adaptability: The diverse skills and knowledge gained through a business management degree make you adaptable to the changing dynamics of the business world. This means you’re not only prepared for the jobs of today, but you’re also equipped to adapt to future job roles that may not even exist yet.

Global Opportunities: With a business management degree, your career isn’t limited by geography. The global applicability of the skills and knowledge you gain opens doors to opportunities in various parts of the world.

In essence, the versatility of a business management degree from TBS Education provides you with a canvas on which you can paint your unique career path. With this degree, you can effectively turn your passion into a profession, no matter where it lies within the vast realm of business.


Career opportunities with a bachelor in management degree

A Bachelor’s degree in management opens the door to a multitude of career paths. Let’s explore some exciting roles you could pursue:

As a management consultant, you’d work closely with organizations to solve their business challenges, improve performance, and create value. Your task would be to understand the company’s needs, analyze its functions and systems, and propose strategic solutions. Strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills are key in this role.

In this role, you would study financial data and market trends to help businesses make informed decisions about investments and financial strategies. Your duties might include creating financial models, forecasting future financial performance, and advising on budgeting. To excel as a financial analyst, you need a strong foundation in finance, excellent numerical skills, and a keen attention to detail.

As a marketing manager, you would develop, implement, and oversee marketing strategies to promote a company’s products or services. This role requires creativity, a deep understanding of market trends, and strong communication skills. Whether it’s launching a new product or leading a marketing campaign, your role is to ensure the company’s offerings resonate with consumers.

In this role, you’d manage all aspects of human resources operations, including recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, and employee relations. Strong interpersonal skills, leadership, and a keen understanding of labor laws are crucial in this role. As a human resources manager, you’re instrumental in nurturing a company’s culture and promoting a positive work environment.

Dream of starting your own business? With a Bachelor’s degree in management, you have the tools to turn this dream into reality. The degree equips you with the knowledge and skills to create a business plan, secure financing, market your product or service, and manage operations.

These are just a few of the many career paths you could embark on with a Bachelor’s degree in management from TBS Education. This degree equips you not just for a job, but for a dynamic and fulfilling career. With the foundation and skills you gain, you’re prepared to navigate the evolving business landscape and seize the opportunities that come your way.

Explore TBS EDucation's bachelor in management program

As we’ve explored, a Bachelor’s degree in management offers an impressive range of benefits and career opportunities. At TBS Education, our Bachelor in Management (BiM) program is designed to equip you with a solid foundation in business, transferable skills, and a global perspective – all the ingredients necessary for a successful career in today’s dynamic business world.

Our BiM program provides comprehensive business knowledge, practical experiences, international exposure, and an array of career paths. From roles in management consulting, finance, and marketing, to opportunities in human resources and entrepreneurship, our program paves the way for you to pursue your career ambitions.

Remember, your journey doesn’t stop with your bachelor’s degree – it’s just the beginning. With the skills and experiences you gain at TBS Education, you’re not just prepared for your first job out of college. You’re prepared for a lifelong career, capable of adapting and excelling in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Visit our Bachelor in Management program page to learn more about the course structure, admission process, and how we can help shape your career path.


You will develop strong leadership skills, learn to think strategically, understand financial management, and cultivate effective communication abilities.

Absolutely. A Bachelor’s degree in Management prepares you well for further academic pursuit, be it a Master’s or an MBA.

Entry-level jobs may include positions such as Business Analyst, Sales Associate, Marketing Coordinator, or HR Assistant, to quote only the best known examples.

Since the school helps lay the foundations of work relationships, it plays a key role in shaping the female employees, craftswomen, managers and leaders of tomorrow. In this month of March marked by initiatives to raise awareness and mobilize in favor of women’s rights, ChooseMyCompany aims to showcase the schools that are best regarded by their female students. ✨


At TBS Education, we place student well-being at the heart of our concerns. Educational innovation, the student experience, our campuses… We guarantee each of our students an innovative and inspiring learning environment.

But what do our students think?

It’s a school where you feel good, and where they do all they can to make your future a success.
PGE Student, class of 2022
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking

There are a lot of international students at the school, and you get the chance to go to partner universities.
PGE Student, class of 2024
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking

An ever-present alumni network that provides interesting opportunities and the chance to share ideas about my future.
Student on the TBS Education’s Grande École program, class of 2024
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking

Student societies are great ways to get involved in issues that interest us.
Student on the TBS Education’s Grande École program, class of 2023
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking

A truly responsible approach that’s not just a facade but a genuine objective for the administration.
Student on the TBS Education’s Grande École program, class of 2023
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking

The chance to develop a very extensive world-wide professional network.
Student on the TBS Education’s Grande École program, class of 2022
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking

The kindness of the administrative staff, and professors who help students make the right career choices.
Student on the TBS Education’s Grande École program, class of 2023
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking

Internship opportunities that arise via the various networking events with companies.
Student on the TBS Education’s Grande École program, class of 2023
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking

The guest speakers, getting the opinion of a professional is just great!
Student on the TBS Education’s Grande École program, class of 2022
Source: HappyAtSchool ranking


Our diversity policy is backed by a network of players: institutions, partner associations and key individuals whose actions help support our commitment to inclusion and equal opportunity.

  • A commitment to inclusion and diversity. In line with its social policy ambitions, TBS Education is a signatory of the CGE’s charter of commitment to inclusion and respect for diversity.
  • Fighting discrimination: TBS Education is committed to combating sexual harassment and sexist, sexual and homophobic violence by setting up mechanisms for preventing, reporting and dealing with these situations. These initiatives apply to students as well as to the school’s staff.
    • Diversity at TBS Education: Among the staff of TBS Education, the gender balance is 42.3% of women in the permanent faculty and more than 70% of the members of the management select committee are women. There is also a great diversity of nationalities within the school, with 51 people of foreign nationality from 28 different countries.
    • Period poverty: According to a survey by the FAGE (Federation of Student Unions) in 2021, period poverty affects 1/3 of female students in France. A partnership was signed between our school, the student association PRISM and Fava Period Care Box to equip all our Toulouse campuses with free dispensers of 100% organic, eco-friendly and ethical menstrual protection.
  • Gender equality: EQUAL.ID is a program designed to help women, men and organizations work together to change attitudes and behavior. This ambitious project fights stereotypes and raises students’ awareness of gender inequality in the workplace from the moment they start at TBS Education until they enter the workforce.
  • STOP sexual and gender-based violence: The fight against all forms of discrimination and violence, particularly sexist and sexual violence, is at the heart of TBS Education’s values. It guarantees that everyone at the school is respected in all places and in all situations. Sexist and sexual violence (SGBV) can be broadly defined as comments, acts, or behaviors (physical or non-physical) that target a person’s sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity (sexism, harassment, sexual assault, rape, homophobia, transphobia).


Happy at School is a community of companies and schools that listen to and care about their stakeholders!

“HappyAtSchool” is a quality label that recognizes student fulfilment in higher education establishments.

The platform confers the “HappyAtSchool” quality label on the basis of student satisfaction surveys. Every year, it publishes a ranking highlighting the schools and universities that make a real effort to meet their students’ key expectations. This makes it easy to pick out students’ favorite schools where it’s great to study! 

In 2022, TBS Education was ranked third.

How is the HappyIndex®AtSchool ranking score calculated?

Each student fills out a HappyIndex®AtSchool questionnaire when their school or student union carries out a survey. This 21-question questionnaire results in two scores:

  • The average of the 21 questions, which is a score out of 5 and is called the “questionnaire score” or “score”.
  • A recommendation rate, which is a % of students who answered “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” to the question “I would recommend my school to a friend.”
  • The questionnaire participation rate is also calculated as follows: number of students who responded / total number of students in the school.

The ranking score is equal to the “questionnaire score” multiplied by 2 and weighted by the participation rate and the recommendation rate:

  • If the participation rate is greater than or equal to 30%, then the coefficient is 1. When this rate decreases, the coefficient decreases proportionally and lowers the questionnaire’s overall score.
  • If the recommendation rate is greater than or equal to 70%, then the coefficient is 1. If this rate decreases, then the coefficient decreases proportionally and lowers the questionnaire score.
  • The formula is as follows: 2 × HappyIndex × participation coefficient × recommendation coefficient

Are you interested in pursuing a Bachelor in Management degree? Look no further than TBS Education in Toulouse or Paris, France. 

With a reputation for academic excellence and a commitment to global perspectives, TBS Education is the perfect choice for students seeking a top-tier education in management. 


In this article, we will explore five reasons why TBS Education stands out from other programs and why it should be at the top of your list when considering a Bachelor in Management.

From its rigorous academic curriculum to its vibrant student community, TBS Education has something to offer for everyone. So let’s dive in and discover what makes TBS Education the ideal destination for students seeking a Bachelor in Management.


1 - High-Quality Education at TBS Education: a pathway to success in management

When considering a Bachelor in Management program, academic rigor and excellence should be at the top of your list. At TBS Education, we offer a world-class education that prepares students for successful careers in the management field. Our program is designed to challenge and inspire students, with a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application


Our faculty are experts in their fields, bringing real-world experience and cutting-edge research to the classroom. Additionally, we offer a wide range of resources to support student learning, including state-of-the-art facilities, study groups, and tutoring services.


In addition, our school is consistently ranked in the TOP 10 of French Business Schools and is among the 1% of world leading business schools to hold the international ‘Triple Crown Accreditation’ (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB).

At TBS Education, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education to ensure their success in the competitive world of management.

2 - Global Perspective: explore the world with TBS Education's Bachelor in Management program

A global perspective is essential for success in today’s interconnected world. That’s why we offer a Bachelor in Management program that emphasizes international experiences and cross-cultural learning. 


Our student body is diverse, with more than 40% of international students and students from over 80 countries, creating a dynamic and multicultural learning environment. 

Additionally, we offer a range of international opportunities, including study abroad programs and internships, allowing students to explore different cultures and gain valuable professional experience.

3 - Career Readiness: launch your career with a Bachelor in Management program

We understand that preparing for a career is a top priority for our students, and we provide a range of resources to support their professional development: 


  • Our career counseling services;
  • Broad networking opportunities;
  • Alumni connections to help students build a strong professional network and gain valuable insights into the job market (we have a network of more than 51 000 alumni worldwide);
  • Apprenticeship possible to gain professional experience while studying;
  • Many internships and consulting projects throughout the 3 years of study.

Our purpose is to prepare our students for success in the competitive job market and we are proud of our graduates’ achievements in management careers around the world.


4 - Vibrant Campus life: explore the rich culture of Toulouse and Paris

Immersing oneself in a vibrant campus culture can be an enriching part of the university experience. Our Bachelor in Management program is available on our Toulouse and Paris campuses, both of which boast a rich history and culture. 


In Toulouse, students can explore the city’s medieval architecture, charming streets, and renowned cuisine, while in Paris, students can immerse themselves in the world’s most visited city, with its rich history, cultural landmarks, and iconic sites.

Beyond the cultural offerings of these two cities, our campuses themselves offer a range of student clubs and organizations, sports teams, and cultural events, allowing students to explore their interests and meet new people from around the world. At TBS Education, we are aware that a well-rounded university experience is crucial to our students’ personal and professional growth, and our vibrant campus life is just one way we strive to make that happen.


5 - Entrepreneurial Focus: foster your creativity and ambition with a Bachelor in Management degree

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of innovation and economic growth. That’s why our program places a strong emphasis on fostering students’ creativity and ambition, with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. Our faculty members bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom, while our curriculum emphasizes practical skills such as business planning, marketing, and finance.


But it’s not just in the classroom where our students can foster their entrepreneurial spirit. There is a range of extracurricular activities, such as business competitions, entrepreneurship clubs, and mentorship programs, that allow students to gain hands-on experience and connect with like-minded individuals.

At TBS Education, we believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is a valuable asset, whether our students go on to start their own businesses or pursue careers in management.

Choosing our Bachelor in Management program will give you the opportunity to develop your creativity and ambition, gaining the skills and knowledge needed to make your mark on the world.

It’s time to ask us all your questions

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We can talk about everything you want!

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The French newspaper Le Figaro Étudiant 2023 has placed our Bachelor in Management in 2nd position in its ranking of Bachelors in Management and 7th in its national ranking of BBAs.

Le Figaro has unveiled its first ranking of 3-year Bachelors.
For this unprecedented ranking of 43 state-approved bachelor’s degrees in management, the editors of Le Figaro took certified data from the CEFDG (Commission d’Évaluation des Formations et Diplômes de Gestion) and data from Parcoursup, based on criteria of academic excellence (selection, Grade of Licence, international accreditations), but also on apprenticeship programs and job opportunities after graduation.

Source: Emma Ferrand and Valentin Autié – Le Figaro Etudiant

visuel classement le figaro etudiant


TBS Education’s Bachelor in Management gets 2nd place in this ranking which considers teaching in English and professionalization as the essential assets of business school Bachelors. Our program offers a course 100% in English on all our campuses (Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona and Casablanca) and quality support geared towards professionalization (with apprenticeships, internships, entrepreneurial development programs, etc.).

With the Figaro ranking our program 2nd among Bachelors in Management (and 7th among French Bachelors in Business Administration), and having recently gained 1st place in Occitania (2nd in France) in the Eduniversal ranking, TBS Education’s Bachelor in Management is positioned as one of the best according to the most prestigious French rankings at the beginning of the year.


We are happy to see that the work of our teachers and our teams has been honored with national recognition. We have made this program of excellence one of the highest-quality, most responsible and educational courses for our students. Our work also aims to give them the tools to become responsible, open and enlightened managers that are able to adapt to a constantly evolving world and job market.

TBS Education continues its development with a new campus in Paris, at 13, rue Saint Lambert, in the 15th district.

This new 5,000 m² campus, housed in a former Parisian high school, will have bright classrooms, work rooms, a documentation center, an incubator/coworking space, and 2 amphitheaters, all organized around a tree-lined courtyard of nearly 1,000 m², which will allow students to relax in a quiet space, but also be able to organize festive and cultural events.

“TBS Education is in the process of boosting its attractiveness and our real estate projects are part of our new approach to educational well-being. We are committed to accommodating a greater number of students in premises that reflect our vision of the management school of the future, and that enhance student experience and well-being. We design and build our campuses in cities brimming with professional opportunities so that our students can achieve their full potential”.

Stéphanie LAVIGNE, Managing Director of TBS Education

The building will be completely renovated, with different phases of work aimed at meeting thermal and regulatory standards, and creating classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art tools. Student well-being will be at the heart of the renovations. This new campus will therefore be a space that’s genuinely conducive to student life.

This campus will offer all our French and international students the opportunity to be right in the heart of the French capital, a major economic centre for Europe and the world, close to the biggest French and international companies. It will also allow our students to join the powerful network of 10,000 TBS Education alumni and thus develop their employability.

shoootin photo 16 1

Available programs in Paris campus

New school year 2023: the launch of the Bachelor’s program in Paris

Already operating on our three permanent campuses, Toulouse-Entiore, Barcelona and Casablanca, and in strong demand, the TBS Education Bachelor’s program will be moving to Paris in September 2023 and will welcome about 100 students:

  • 2 sections in the first year of the Bachelor’s program, one in French and one in English
  • A new program focusing on the fast-growing Distribution and Commerce sector offered in the final year and also as part of in apprenticeship course

“2022 is a year full of new developments for the Bachelor’s program.  I am proud to announce the opening of our Bachelor’s program in Paris at the beginning of the 2023 academic year, as well as the creation of a new work-study program focusing on Distribution and Commerce. In total, we plan to welcome about 100 students and aim to strengthen our work-study opportunities. Beyond the quality of student life that this new central Paris campus will offer, and the advantages of the TBS Education Bachelor’s degree that are already well-known (academic excellence in a highly international and professionalizing environment), the launch of this program in Paris opens up even more possibilities for our students. Living and studying in one of the world’s most important capitals, close to the largest companies and to our Alumni, represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Patricia Bournet, Director of the TBS Education Bachelor program

Master in Management program (French track and apprenticeship only)

The Paris campus offers students on the Master in Management program the chance to do the Master 1 and Master 2 in apprenticeship.

Master of Science programs

Doctorate of Business Administration

Global Executive MBA

Winter School


Driven by a unique strategy rolled out since 2021, TBS Education has set itself bold and inspiring development objectives: to prioritize educational well-being, to enhance the employability of its learners, and to maximize its societal impact on local areas. To achieve its objectives, TBS Education will draw on brand new campuses, an expert and renowned faculty, new training and employability models, and a stronger international presence.

TBS Education is inventing a whole new kind of campus and investing in academic well-being

TBS Education campuses are living spaces that bring together learning, academic, research, business, entrepreneurial and civic communities. The school’s students thrive on eco-responsible campuses, where conditions are in place to encourage personal transformation and optimum learning.  By 2026, the 4 sites – Toulouse, Barcelona, Casablanca, and Paris – will be equipped with new inspiring buildings to fully integrate into a world in transition. TBS Education is committed to “academic well-being”: the school is an educational innovation laboratory that constantly introduces new knowledge, new teaching methods and tools for a better learning experience. Mirroring its innovative project, Inspiring Guest, which has won national and international awards, the school has introduced humor to stimulate learning.

The school’s four campuses will be connected to companies and socio-economic partners  to cultivate  entrepreneurial spirit, foster local innovation, and share knowledge. Designed to have a positive societal impact and to offer its own experiential learning, they will be resolutely open, inspiring, innovative, and committed.

TBS Education is located in Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona and Casablanca. We place our students at the heart of what Europe does best in terms of technological innovation, economic dynamics, and quality of life. The campuses are ideally located in the city center.

This means less time wasted and more time for living! Close to our campuses, our students can find:

  • public transportation (bus, metro), to get around easily
  • housing and local services, for a more relaxed lifestyle
  • green spaces and relaxation areas, to recharge your batteries in a green setting.

The Paris campus offers students on the Master in Management program the chance to do the Master 1 and Master 2 as in apprenticeship course.

TBS is building an ambitious new campus of 8000 m2 located in the startup and innovation district. It will be able to accommodate 1,100 students as of the start of the 2022 academic year, and will offer 700 beds of integrated housing located next to the campus.

Located in the heart of Barcelona’s city center since 1995, the TBS Education campus offers students the opportunity to study in Barcelona for a semester, a year or even longer.

5 reasons to choose Barcelona!

barcelona campus location 1

A new generation campus

TBS thus strengthens its presence in a key European metropolis where some of the world’s best higher education institutions in management are located.

TBS will receive twice as many students in fully eco-responsible and innovative facilities.

This announcement is part of TBS Education’s global development strategy, which aims to strengthen the links between the school and the territories in which it is present.

Designed to meet all the needs of the educational community, the building will respect the strictest criteria of eco-design. It will bring together all the facilities and equipment necessary for pedagogical innovation: multi-space and immersive rooms, spaces dedicated to associations, student life, scientific and business events, and an incubator.

The programs and courses

The Barcelona campus is open to students in the Bachelor’s, Grande Ecole and Master of Science programs, with more than 600 students to date, 36% of whom are international students from over 25 countries.

The courses are taught in English and Spanish by TBS Education professors and lecturers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), which is ranked among the best Spanish and European universities.

The students of the Grande Ecole Program can go to the campus from the 1st year of their Master’s degree. In collaboration with the UPC, the school offers “Discovery” courses to deepen your understanding of key themes:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data
  • International Business in Latin America

In the 2nd year of the Master’s degree, you can then pursue your specialization in a field you are passionate about or discover new professions and horizons.

5 MSc programs are offered as part of a work-study program as of the start of the 2021 academic year:

Barcelona, the perfect travel companion

The location of TBS in Barcelona is not a coincidence. Cosmopolitan and vibrant city, Barcelona is today more than ever at the forefront of trends, an inspiring and attractive place for students, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

  • 1st student city in Spain (QS 2019)
  • 8th best city in the world to live, visit, research and work in (World Best Cities 2021)
  • 5th most favorable city to create a start-up (EU-Start-Ups 2020 report)
  • 2nd best city in terms of strategy to attract the technology sector (fDi Intelligence 2020 report)
  • 5th city in the TOP 10 Tech Cities of The Future 2020/2021

The U-Multirank 8th Edition is online. TBS has been ranked amongst the top performing universities around the globe! For U-Multirank’s 2021 edition, TBS is among the Global Top 25 performers in the area of student mobility. Its shows top performance across various indicators, with 13 ‘A’ scores (very good) overall. TBS is one of 61 universities included in U-Multirank for France.

This ranking compares 30 performances items from universities and business school in the world.

This ranking compares 30 performance items of universities and business schools around the world. This year, it lists 1,948 establishments in 97 countries including 61 in France.

Each establishment is rated on a scale from A (very good) to E (very poor), for each of the ranking indicators divided into five categories: Teaching & Learning, Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Orientation and Regional Engagement.


U-Multirank is an alternative approach to comparing universities and offers a solution to the flaws of traditional league tables. Its multi-dimensional approach compares the performance of universities across a range of different activities grading each of them from ‘A’ (very good) to ‘E’ (weak).

U-Multirank is a non-commercial, global, multi-dimensional transparency tool, combining institutional rankings of entire universities with a set of 28 subjects rankings. Each ranking presents more than 30 performance indicators, covering five dimensions: teaching & learning, research. Knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement.
The major aim of U-Multirank is to make diversity of higher education visible – hence it includes a diverse set of higher education institutions with different missions and different profiles. Our unique interactive web tool allows for comparisons among institutions with similar profiles.