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CareerStarter: Manage your career

At TBS we strongly believe in the value of career support and guidance, both during and after studies, in order to give our students the best possible start in their professional lives.

What is TBS Career Starter?

Established in 2011, the TBS Career Starter service aims to ease the transition between academic and working life by guiding our students towards a position which responds to their aspirations as well as the current market environment.

Who can benefit from this service?

All Bachelor, Masters and MSc students can take advantage of this service which is carefully tailored to the program you are following, both during and after their studies.  

How does Career Starter work?

Career Starter aims to help students propel their career through 3 levels of expertise: 


  • Personality, motivation and interest tests
  • Validation of experience acquired
  • One-to-one meetings with HR consultants
  • Speedcoaching


  • Themed workshops
  • Company job & internship forums
  • Business conferences

Support tools

  • Methodological workshops
  • Companies database
  • Information workshops
  • Networking

This service allows students:

  • To have a better knowledge of themselves and their skills.
  • To meet pertinent business representatives.
  • To structure their career plan, internship and job search.
  • To be empowered and self-aware when making professional career choices.

Highlights of TBS’s Career Starter service include:

  • Individualized support during and after the student’s studies
  • A multidisciplinary team at your disposal
  • A rich business database
  • A strong network of TBS partner corporations
  • More than 40,000 alumni

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