Compete at the ANEDD Eco-Awards!
Do you have a useful, environmental and/or solidarity project? Compete at the ANEDD “Student, Research, company, Public organisation” Eco-Awards and try to win € 500!

4th & 5th November, 2020 TBS students are organizing the 15th edition of the National Student Conference on Sustainable Development (ANEDD). This event is at the heart of TBS’s academic strategy – making our students aware of CSR and of the challenges of sustainable development.

Every year, prizes are awarded to innovation projects. Have you got an idea that could positively change the world of tomorrow? Compete at the ANEDD Eco-Awards 2020!

The Eco-Awards in 3 steps


Submit your project

The criteria taken into account are:
The impact of the research on the economy, the environment, society and businesses.
The ability to popularize – explaining the different dimensions of the research (from the foundations of the research to the potential use of results).
The implementation of the 3 dimensions of sustainable development and long-term applicability.


Pre-selection by category

On October 20th:
6 applications will be preselected and presented on the TBS website.

You will then be able to vote for your favorite project (draft)!


Defend your project (draft)

On November 4th, you will be able to defend your project during the ANEDD and compete to win the “Grand jury Prize”, the “Student Coup de Coeur” prize or the “Public Coup de Coeur”!

Compet at the ANEDD Eco-awards 2020

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