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MSc Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

The TBS Education MSc Data Science & Artificial Intelligence provides a solid base of knowledge for those looking to enter the field.
The curriculum bridges across Artificial Intelligence and other related fields like data science and machine learning, while also covering key topics such as business innovation through digital means.

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The MSc makes it possible to acquire an expert skill set in just 12 months time, both in technical skills (AI) and, more importantly, in soft-skills usable anywhere around your company’s office.

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The MSc Data Science & Artificial Intelligence program ranks 8th among masters in Business Analytics in France. It is also in 7th place for best data science programs according to Universal. 

The CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles) Quality Label was given because of our school’s commitment to high-quality education with an emphasis on real life applied skills (see below).

Fast-track your way to expertise

The MSc Data Science & Artificial Intelligence is a degree that can help you solve today’s business problems while becoming an integral part of the decision-making process of tomorrow. The program includes 8 course units with soft skills training for managers who want to improve their communication skills or learn how different types of data work; it also provides professional development opportunities through consulting missions while providing onsite work experience.

You can now add four internationally recognized certifications to your skillset:

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More about This Master Of Science Program

While taking the program of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, students will have extra opportunities to put theory into practice, such as the yearly Datathon in collaboration with Microsoft

This one week long challenge will require them not only to utilize their skills, but also develop new ones while working closely together on a problem.

During this Datathon, you will have:

  • The ability to apply your new found knowledge in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science while becoming more adept with a number of different tools.
  • The chance to conduct a data and artificial intelligence project in the framework of a structured consulting work.
  • Practice handling the pressure of a project limited in time.

In addition, students are given the opportunity to put their newly-learned skills into practice with the Hackathon, which includes designing innovative solutions and developing mobile apps.

The program has a close collaboration with more than dozen industry leaders, startups, and associations to prepare students from the very beginning on how data-driven marketing and marketing analytics works.


Program Calendar Msc

Program Design

This program consists of five learning experiences rigorously designed to develop your managerial and operational skills in your field of professional expertise.
Total number of hours: 450h

Academic requirements:

  • 4-year Bachelor Degree (240 ECTS) or equivalent

Language level:

  • For programs taught in English: English mother tongue OR TOEFL IBT 80 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 800 / CAMBRIDGE B2 / FCE / CAT 165
  • For programs taught in French: French mother tongue OR DELF B2 OR equivalent

MSC Deadline to apply: July 30th

This Master of Science prepares you for the following job categories:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Strategist
  • Data Planner
  • Marketing Scientist
  • Big Data Consultant
  • Data Scientist
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Expert/Analyst in marketing analysis/ marketing research/CRM/ credit analysis
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Data Enabler
  • Data Visualization Consultant
  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • Customer intelligence manager
  • E-marketer
  • Operational researcher
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Data Manager
  • Social Data Analyst

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Life-changing. TBS Education made all of that possible for me"


United States of America, Arkansas

Jacob is an alumnus from the MSc Data Science & Artificial Intelligence of TBS Education.
He tells us what he likes most about Toulouse and France, how TBS Education has changed his life, the main differences between the USA and France, etc. Listen to his truly inspiring story! 


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Big Data is a term that refers to the large volume of data that businesses and organizations generate on a daily basis. Traditionally, this data has been difficult to collect and process due to its sheer size and complexity. 

However, with the advent of powerful new data-processing technologies, businesses are now able to gain insights from Big Data that was previously inaccessible. This information can be used to improve decision-making, optimize operations, and better understand customers. As businesses increasingly come to rely on Big Data, it is poised to become one of the most valuable assets in the modern economy.

Big Data is a term used to refer to the extremely large datasets that are becoming increasingly common in the business world. As more and more businesses generate and collect huge amounts of data, there is a growing need for employees who are able to manage and analyze this information

France is one of the leading countries in the field of Big Data, and many top companies have set up their headquarters here in order to take advantage of the country’s skilled workforce. If you want to study Big Data, France is an excellent place to do so. 

The country has a number of world-renowned universities that offer excellent programs in this field, and you will be able to work with some of the best minds in the business. There are also many opportunities to gain hands-on experience through internships and other practical learning experiences. So if you are looking for a country that can offer you a top-notch education in big data, France is definitely worth considering.

With Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing the business world, data continues to grow exponentially. 

The limitless potential of AI coupled with this valuable information is engendering a global shift in how we do things: an era where machines take over many manual tasks from humans so they can focus on more complex jobs that require higher levels of thinking and creativity.

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has led us into what some call “the Age Of Data.” This new perspective complements our current understanding about managing businesses because now there is always something worth analyzing, whether it be customer behavioral patterns or stock prices.

Today, professionals need to evolve in a volatile environment with fast-changing technology. They have to acquire new skills at the junction of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science while also managing big data as well as digital business operations for innovation purposes. These proficiencies are all becoming increasingly important due not only changes within our own industry or sector, but also because of external forces like globalization that will affect us all throughout this century.

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