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TBS Education is a European French Business School offering various professional programs whose Bachelor in Management, Master in Management, Master of Science programs, Global Executive MBA, DBA

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We are proud to be amongst the prestigious 1% of business schools with the “triple crown” of international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

The Financial Times ranks TBS Education in the top 46 European Business Schools.

TBS Education, a triple accredited business school

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TBS Education, formerly Toulouse Business School, is a European business school founded in 1903 offering various professional programs.

Bachelor in Management, Master in Management, Master of Science programs as well as Global Executive MBA, DBA, PhD, specialized masters and executive education courses are being taught.

The school has 4 campuses: Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona and Casablanca.

The quality of its management programs and the excellence of its faculty and research activities have received the highest international accreditations (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS), which are recognized by various universities and companies around the world.

TBS Education offers programs that are designed to help students reach their educational goals. 

These include undergraduate programs like the Bachelor in Management program, as well as master’s programs such as the Master in Management and multiple Master of Science programs. Additionally, postgraduate programs like the Global Executive MBA, DBA and PhD are offered.

Moreover, TBS Education offers a variety of training programs to help business leaders reach their goals. Our Executive Education teams design customized learning experiences for managers, whether they are looking to obtain new skills or need some advice about handling certain issues within an organization’s culture.

TBS Education programs are flexible, part-time or sometimes via e-learning through the TBS Apprentice Training Center (CFA). Additionally, these programs are taught in both English and French.

TBS Education is a world-leading business school, providing high quality education in innovative sectors. With a comprehensive training program for the aerospace industry as well as its exclusive SIRIUS Research Chair make, TBS stands out from other institutions internationally. TBS Education educates students in the newest and most innovative industries with their quality training programs to make them ready for work after they graduate.

TBS Education has always been committed to developing partnerships with prestigious schools and universities. As such, we offer a wide selection of double degree programs from selected international partner universities for students who aim high.

The school, which was originally known as Toulouse Business School has been recognized by the French State. It is also a Member of one of France’s most prestigious conferencing networks for universities – La Conférence des Grandes Écoles.

TBS Education counts 6,000 students in its ranks, with an international enrollment of 25%, and more than 53,000 alumni worldwide. The school also includes an organization called the “TBS Foundation” which funds research programs as well as promotes social and cultural diversity among its student population. Since 2008 over 200 scholarships have been distributed to its students.

Inspiring Testimonials

It's always nice. I always feel like I'm home."



Hassan is an alumnus from the Bachelor in Management of TBS Education.
He tells us how much and why he likes France and Paris, why he chose TBS Education, etc.

Listen to his funny and captivating story! 

It's so hard for me to leave this city!"


Siti Noraini is a third year Bachelor in Management malaysian student at TBS Education. She took the Aerospace Management specialization.
Listen to her story, she is speaking about her integration in France and at TBS Education, the International Student Office which is the service helping international students, how is it living in Toulouse and in France, and finally, she tells us more about TBS Education and Aerospace Management classes.

Now, I really consider Toulouse and TBS Education as my home in Europe"

United States of America, Pennsylvania

Farris is an alumnus from the Bachelor in Management of TBS Education, he tells us about his student experience in different places in Europe, what he liked most about Toulouse, how it was being a TBS Education student, the main differences between the USA and France, etc. Listen to his truly inspiring story! 

Life-changing. TBS Education made all of that possible for me"

United States of America, Arkansas

Jacob is an alumnus from the Master of Science Big Data, Marketing & Management of TBS Education.

He tells us what he likes most about Toulouse and France, how TBS Education has changed his life, the main differences between the USA and France, etc. Listen to his truly inspiring story! 

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There are many reasons why students choose to study in Europe. One of the most appealing factors is the wide range of study options available. From world-renowned universities to more specialized institutes, students can find programs that fit their academic and professional interests

In addition, Europe is home to a wealth of cultural treasures, making it an ideal place to broaden one’s horizons. Students can explore historic cities, visit world-famous museums, and experience different cultures and lifestyles. 

And with so many countries to choose from, there are always new places to discover. With its strong academic reputation and wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth, it is no wonder that studying in Europe is such a popular choice for students from all over the world.

A business school is a type of institution that provides educational opportunities in business-related fields. Students can pursue undergraduate, graduate, or professional degrees in business

Business schools can be found at the collegiate level, as well as within standalone institutions. Many business schools are affiliated with universities, but some operate independently. 

Business schools typically offer programs in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management. Some business schools also offer specialized programs in entrepreneurship, international business, and information technology. 

Admission to a business school can be competitive, and most programs require applicants to have a strong academic record and standardized test scores. Business schools place a strong emphasis on practical experience, and many programs include internships or other experiential learning opportunities. Graduates of business school programs often go on to work in leadership positions in businesses of all sizes.

A French Business School offers students a unique educational experience that combines academic rigor with an international perspective. Located in the heart of Europe, French Business Schools offer students the opportunity to study in one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. In addition, French Business Schools are renowned for their strong links to the business community, providing students with access to a network of potential employers

Finally, they give students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s global economy. By studying in a French Business School, students can obtain the tools they need to build successful careers in an increasingly borderless world.

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