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VIRTUAL FORUM : Monday, 20th of september / M2 Strategy & International Development Manager English Presentation

Speakers : Sylvie RECOULES, Academic Director / Time : 7.30 PM (Paris Time)


RNCP* Title N° 28216
Level 7 (European Norm) – CPF N°247260

Aquire a 360° Vision to Manage Differently

To manage strategic development projects in an international context for a corporate group or business unit, it is essential to acquire an overall, trans-disciplinary view of the company.

In this context, future managers need to master 4 main skills :
• Define a development strategy for a company, business unit, a geographical area,
a specific department or service
• Implement international development (trade and/or purchasing)
• Structure financing to ensure economic performance while mastering risks in a international context
• Manage the organization and staff

*This program yields an official RNCP certification, which is delivered by the French Ministry of Labor. It does not confer an official Master’s Degree.

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Key Facts
Key Points
Program Structure


  • Employees
  • Employees in transition
  • Job seekers
  • Students


  • 24 months (if no prior professional experience)
  • 12 months (with prior professional experience)

Class Type

Face to face in alternating periods
(1 week per month)
• Online (only for M2) (2 x 1.5 hrs/
week in person with personal work
Training accessible to people with
disabilities, for more information
contact us.


English or French


Toulouse Entiore or online


• 3-year higher education diploma with or without professional experience for the 2-year program
• 3-year higher education diploma with 3 years of professional experience for the 1-year program

  • The Program is compatible with a professional activity
  • 8 certificates of competence enabling students to be operational in: Business model and strategy /Cybersecurity / Management of operations / Strategical concepts of marketing and business / Finance for Managers / Management Control / Coach / Human Capital Management
  • M1 and M2 in 250 hours for each year, possibility of an apprenticeship in 400 hours
  • Personalized support for the individual development project by HR consultants
  • Lifetime Network Membership of TBS graduates (Alumni)

Success Accelerators

To make sure you get the most out of your study experience at TBS,
our CAREER BOOSTER team stands by your side for :
Employment and apprenticeships, conferences on the themes of management and business
Learning Expedition in the second year
Access to online resources (library, data bases, economic studies…)

Teaching method

1st month 100% online to cover the fundamentals (International Business & Marketing (Year 2) and Management in Crisis Situations (Year 2))
The program content and pedagogical progress are adapted to the level and expectations of the participants
Teaching is immediately followed by action to apply the acquired knowledge to the participant’s professional project
Practical implementation in the company of the methods, techniques and approaches studied in class
Development of interpersonal communication skills through individual and group learning
Learning Expedition in the second year
Creation and presentation of a professional thesis in front of a jury of professors and professional experts to meet the requirements of an internationally recognized business school
Individual support to define and implement the participant’s professional project, individual coaching via the Career Booster service


  • Strategy and Innovation (Year 1)
    • Business Model and Entrepreneurship
    • Corporate Strategy
    • CSR and sustainable development
    • Cybersecurity
    • Customer Experience
  • Finance for managers and business plans (Year 1 & 2)
    • Business Law-Employment Law
    • Risk management (Year 2)
    • Financial Analysis
    • HR management tools
    • Information Systems Management (Year 2)
    • Purchasing supply chain
  • Marketing and sales strategy (Year 1 & 2)
    • International Development Management
    • Business Intelligence and Geopolitics (Year 2)
    • International Marketing and communication
    • Digital marketing and economy network
  • Management and leadership (Year 2)
    • Team Motivation
    • Organizational sociology
    • Learning expedition
    • Career Booster Workshop

International Marketing and Trade Specialized Track
The International Marketing and Trade track offers modules that
are specifically designed for jobs in marketing and business in an international and multicultural context: business development in a specific geographical area, international law, international specificities,of marketing levers… The classes are illustrated via testimonials of internationally active professionals.

Banking and Insurance* Specialized Track
The Banking and Insurance track offers a program that takes into account the specific nature of the banking and insurance sector: professional English adapted to the sector and to banking and insurance products, sales of banking and insurance products….

*Partnership with Formaposte

Management in Crisis Situations Specialized Track
The goal of this track is to help you prevent and/or cure risk situations. You will learn how to evaluate the impact of crises on activity, brand image and corporate longevity. Together with your teams, you’ll develop a culture of crisis management, with a specific crisis cell and an activity continuity plan to tackle sensitive situations. This program focuses on crisis typologies: internal, external, technical, economic, human and social crises (pandemics, stock market crashes, cyber crises…).

Program goals

Carry out a strategic diagnosis
Establish strategic alliances or partnerships in a European or international context
Manage projects and contracts
Find funding and apply for funding
Establish and perfect a business model
Define the marketing and sales action plan
Deploy a communication strategy that values the organization’s commitments
Mobilize the people involved in a project to make decisions
Manage teams across the organization and online while
developing their skills, sense of initiative and autonomy
Anticipate the impact of technological and digital transformation on organizations
Design and implement performance indicator dashboards
Ensure project profitability and ROI
Integrate risk management into the corporate strategy

Teaching Staff

  • TBS teachers who bring their academic knowledge enhanced by their research
  • Professional Speakers
  • Specialized Consultants

Academic Director – Strategy & International Manager Programs

International Marketing & Trade
Program Manager : Sylvie BELLARD-HILAIRE

Banking & Insurance
Program Manager : Laura BONZON-BLEC

Management in Crisis Situations
Program Manager

Internal Auditor, Finance Officer
Production Manager, Purchasing Manager, Logistics Manager
Human Resource Manager
Marketing/Communications Manager
Administrative and Financial Manager/Director
Business Unit Manager
Crisis Management Consultant
• International Marketing Consultant