• Toulouse
  • English
  • 35,000€
  • 12 months
  • Part Time
  • 16 November 2020

What for? Boosting your career!

The ultimate aim is to easily access higher positions, earn more money or make a significant shift in your career. But there are no shortcuts.

All this can only be achieved by undergoing a radical transformation process with clear objectives (which skills and competencies to develop) and full involvement in the program. That means seizing opportunities, initiating engaging projects, being willing to accept tremendous changes, and developing your network. Recruiters will recognize your investment and ability to leave your comfort zone to enter the world of challenges.

No-one gets results simply by graduating. It requires far more! As we state in our program: “The more you put in, the more you get out.”

Why an English-language Aerospace MBA in France?

Why English Language Aerospace Mba France

Not in France… in Toulouse, the European Aerospace capital! It boasts a quarter of all space jobs, 20% of aerospace jobs, the biggest and most dynamic region in Europe for aeronautics and space, the only city with three aircraft manufacturers and two satellite integrators, a world-class aerospace cluster, forming an incomparable research and technology landscape…

  • Not just in France… genuine international exposure not only in the classroom but outside Europe: we offer sessions in Montreal, Seattle or Casablanca (depending on whether you choose Long Haul or Hub) and strong connections with Bangalore. In addition, you’ll benefit from the diverse nationalities and cultures of the faculty.
  • If you’re not an English-speaker, show your ambition and your ability to overcome real challenges by choosing a fully English-taught program. Recruiters will recognize your determination.
  • Toulouse, the 4th largest city in France, the 2nd most dynamic French city, the 2nd highest student population in France, the 1st French City for employment development, the 2nd most popular place to work, the 3rd best French city for entrepreneurship… This is the place to be for dynamic international executives!
  • As demonstrated in many surveys, return on investment is significantly higher on European MBAs; even for specialized MBAs which are slightly more expensive than regular and generalist MBAs.

What do accreditations mean and how do you get them?

Toulouse Business School is amongst the 1% of prestigious international business schools which hold the “triple crown” of accreditation: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. These accreditations are a global benchmark of quality and ensure that your degree will be recognized throughout the world. They serve as official confirmation of the quality of our organization, our faculty and staff, our programs and the degrees we deliver. Essentially, it means that:

  • Programs are up-to-date and meet current business needs.
  • Programs are delivered by qualified faculty.
  • Degrees are internationally recognized and meet international standards.
  • Companies recognize the quality of our degrees.
  • As an institution, and through our programs, we are committed to quality and continuous improvement.

In other words, when we talk about our high-quality standards and global reputation… you don’t just have to take our word for it!There are only 78 triple accredited institutions in the world, 13 of them in France.

What is included in my tuition fee?

The fee you pay covers the cost of your tuition; it includes expenses related to your courses and program: readings, digital textbooks, electronic course materials, online services, Career Booster services but also the induction and some reception lunches, some business and networking activities which form part of the program, on-campus parking, company visits, plus full access to the library database.

What is NOT included in my tuition fee?

Not included are the following:

  • Accommodation costs for your stay in Toulouse
  • Meals (other than previously stated), flight tickets and travel expenses for the international field trips (Montreal, Seattle or Casablanca)

What academic resources do we get?

Access to a unique digital platform which hosts a set of required course books in a user-friendly and interactive mode.

Access to one of the best and richest libraries in of any French Business School in terms of Aerospace Management (books, journals, articles: Jane’s airport, Flight International, Journal of Airline Business, Air & Cosmos, etc)

You’ll have full access to leading research & professional databases (Business Source Complete, Science Direct, Emerald, Sage Publications, Cairn, Xerfi, MarketAnalysis, Infinancials…). A dedicated team with 800m2 facilities, and more than 20,000 books, 15,000 ebooks, 26,000 electronic journals, 34 databases…

Does the program provide placement services?

No, campus placement is not provided per se. However, a Career Booster service is provided (free of charge) to offer solid support in your career development. Due to our strong industry network, we can provide contacts and support to help with your search for Corporate Missions / Internships (or jobs)

Why does the program NOT provide placement services?

1. At the executive/senior level, which is the profile of our participants, placements are not only inefficient, they can even be counter-productive. In reality, executive participants are usually approached directly by headhunters or recruiters, or more frequently they have an existing network. Moreover, ‘pushing’ profiles in this way is no guarantee of success and gives recruiters the impression that the candidate lacks independence and is not very attractive in terms of employment. Would you recruit such a person for your team?

2. Given the specific positions held and/or targeted, it is far preferable to devise your own job marketing plan (with the support of the Career Booster and the Aerospace team). This approach is more authentic, and considerably more rewarding when the position is obtained.

How do you engage with employers?

  • Sponsoring several key Aerospace events (Paris Air Forum, Les Trophées de l’Aéronautique): these events enable delegates to network with hiring companies
  • Member of diverse Associations & Institutions (USAIRE, Aerospace Valley, IFCCI, etc): another good opportunity to share delegates’ profiles and to network
  • “Aeroperformance”: a resume book of all participants’ profiles, regularly sent to aerospace companies at professional events
  • Active participation at aerospace events: (Paris Airshow/Farnborough, ASD Days, Paris Space Week, Aeromart, AeroIndia…)
  • Strong social media presence
  • Partnerships with recruiting companies
  • Conferences with TBS Aerospace Alumni

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